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Laura Kiani

My DDP yoga journey began in April 2017, I have never been over weight or concerned about weight and I always tried to be active, but I never really found an exercise or workout that I could stick to. I would get bored visiting the gym and not be consistent therefore I wouldn’t really notice any results. I have always had poor upper body strength and never been able to lift heavy weights or do press ups and to be honest strength training never appealed to me at all, I had zero motivation when it came to doing anything ‘difficult’ or ‘challenging’ I would always be quick to give up and take the easier option.

However in 2016 me and my partner started to make big changes in our lifestyle and began following a plant based diet, this not only made us feel a lot healthier but I found myself with more energy and more importantly a more positive and open mind. In April 2017 my partner who is a big wrestling fan got us to watch the documentary ‘The Resurrection of Jake the Snake’ where we watched his transformation through DDP yoga and found it so inspiring that we bought the workout DVD’s that week! Straight away I loved the workouts; I liked the progression of the program and the guidance on all the moves. I could not believe the change I was seeing in my flexibility and strength after the first month of doing it; this played a really big part in me being motivated and sticking to the program. I loved the motivation and inspiration from DDP himself; I found his workouts fun and enjoyable. I also liked that I logged my workouts to keep track of what I was doing each day this helped to give me a sense of achievement each week.

In September 2017 we finally got to meet DDP at his workshop in Glasgow, this was an incredible experience meeting Dallas and seeing how much he cared for everyone and wanted to help each person achieve their goals. This was a really inspirational thing to witness and this inspired me even more to continue with my own DDPY journey and maybe even one day become an instructor like him.

After the workshop I had my first experience of using the DDPY Now app and since then I have become unstoppable, I can do it everywhere and anywhere even when I am on holiday! I love the setup of the app, there is so much choice when it comes to workouts and the points system keeps you motivated. I have just reached 100,000 points and will be awarded with my unstoppable t shirt! I have also recently invested in the heart rate monitor which has changed my workouts completely; I feel I am now engaging much better than before and seeing a big difference in my strength; I am now able to do multiple press ups whereas before I could not manage one! My flexibility is amazing as I could barely touch my toes when I started and now I can pretty much fold myself in half. I am attempting handstands and splits which are things that I thought were impossible for me. I can also see changes in my body as I have built muscle and feel more toned all over.

DDP yoga has improved my life massively I have found a workout that I love doing! I get up at 5 every morning so I can own my day and do a 1 hour workout before work; it makes me feel energised and gives me a clear mind to start my day. It has improved my overall confidence, I feel proud of what I have achieved and will tell anyone who will listen about how amazing DDPY is. It has taught me that anything is possible if I tell myself I CAN! My goal is to keep doing DDP yoga and improve my flexibility, balance and strength even further and hopefully inspire people the same way Diamond Dallas Page has inspired so many.

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