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Keith Milne

I had always been active growing up but I had always had a ‘bigger’ build. It used to infuriate me that I was so broad-shouldered and couldn’t get ‘trim’ like everyone you saw in movies and fitness magazines. My wife and I tried to be active, but our schedules were just too busy - at least that was the excuse I kept telling myself. I would buy myself bigger and bigger clothes. “They must have made the sizes smaller” I would tell myself as my XL clothes no longer fit. Then I had my cousin’s wedding to attend, and a suit that fit perfectly two years ago didn’t fit. At all. I stepped on the scale and was met with 296.8 pounds. I was bordering on 300 pounds and was out of excuses.

It was while my wife was away on vacation with her dad that I watched The Resurrection of Jake the Snake. I think I ordered DDP Yoga that next day. My health took a bad turn, though, and I didn’t start the program until months later. I started with the ‘Advanced’ program - I had been an athlete for a long time and I knew I could handle intensity. If the plan was challenging, I thought, even better - I deserved to sweat and feel the burn as my penance.  I vividly remember my first workout - it was Energy 2.0 and afterwards (only 20 minutes!) I was absolutely spent and exhausted. But I felt good. I felt like I had taken my first step into a larger world. I felt like I had accomplished something. I didn't miss a single day of DDPY from March through the summer, and have remained committed to at least 4 days a week of DDPY now that I've returned to work. I'm immensely proud of my commitment to the program.

Now, I’m down to 224.4lbs (over 70 pounds!) and, more importantly, I’m feeling the best I have in years. I can bend down to put my shoes on and not be out of breath. I see my body coming back. I am eating far more healthy. For the first time in years I’m making the conscious choice to be healthy and seeing it pay off. It is amazing what happens when you put the work in. I am currently working on my Level 1 DDPY Instructor Certification and will be leading two DDPY workouts at my school this winter for the student population.

DDP Yoga is the entire reason I have seen such success. It is far more than a “workout”; DDPY is a lifestyle revolution. I spent 7 years letting my body get out of control. In 8 months, with DDP Yoga, I have taken my life back. My end goal is 220lbs - only 4.4lbs away. And it will arrive not with a whimper, but with a bang.

To anyone out there reading this wondering if they can do it - yes, you can. The support group on Facebook is absolutely AMAZING. Every journey starts with a single step. You can do this. Believe in you.

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