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Amanda Delgado


My name is Amanda Delgado. I'm from beautiful Santa Fe New Mexico. I am 23 years young and currently graduating from dental assisting school. I went threw a hard time about a year ago something I never thought I could over come. My best friend at the time now he is my boyfriend pushed me to come back from my depression. It wasn't easy and at times I didn't think I was going to ever get out. I was constantly sick my health was in the trash. I knew something had to change. I was pushing 200 pounds and only at 5'7 I knew nothing good could come from this. I have weak knees and just found out I have two slipped disks. The pain was unbearable. The hospital even referred the disability department to me. I thought it was done, my new career the fact that I loved to dance and to be active. My boyfriend and I love WWE and he was always telling me about a yoga the superstars were doing. He did a lot of research and found out it was DDP YOGA! When I received everything I looked in the mirror and told myself its time. The first time I did energy and boy did it kick my butt! 


But I wanted more so following the work out schedule, I would be so excited to get up at 5:30 or 6:00 a.m and do my work out. I felt if I didn't do it my back would hurt and my day would t be energized!!! I've sense finished the 13 week plan and have started over pushing my boyfriend to do the yoga as well. I wont stop until im in the 160s as of now I weight 176 when I started I was about 200 pounds. I couldn't fixed the way I ate or worked out without the help and guidelines of DDP YOGA! I feel fantastic!!! A BIG THANK YOU TO DDP :)


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