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Jason Eckles

Hey there. *Record scratch* Yep that’s me. You’re probably wondering how this all happened? Well friend, take a seat, and listen up. Do I have something great to tell you about… Thought I’d share my story now that we are a few months over the 2 year mark since I started DDPY. Let’s start off with that I’m down 80 lbs. and head off to when/where this new journey all started.

It was June 2016. I was in Las Vegas. Sin City and all that jazz. First time there and while I must disclose that I’ve never have been in great physical shape, I’ve always considered myself average in body type, but it really hit me. The sun was relentless, the hotels seemed so close but much like a mirage in the desert, the closer you got to them, the further they were away. I realized during the course of my 5 day venture out there that I was completely and utterly out of shape and not happy that I couldn’t really enjoy this trip as much as I wanted. It shattered my mental image of how in shape I was. Later, when I got back to the hotel, I looked in the mirror. I mean I really looked. It was the first time I took the time to compare the mental image of what I thought I looked like to what was staring back at me. I vowed at that moment to make a big life change but was unsure of how to do it.

Why that day? I can't honestly say but I’m so glad I did. I wasn’t in a good place physically or mentally at this point, but not many people would know that, as I always keep a lot of that stuff private. You use other vices to dull the pain and get through to the next day in a fog. Rinse and repeat. Drinking alcohol. Eating poorly. You use the stuff to self medicate, both the food and the alcohol. Bad day? Drink or over eat. You eat or drink to dull the pain. To cover for a bad day. And so on. Like it always does, the bad just gets worse….

Fast forward to a month later when I saw Arthur’s video on facebook. It pulled me in. I said to myself, this is it. I then did a little more research and watched the Resurrection of Jake the Snake documentary. Again it pulled me in. These are real people getting real results from doing this program. Side note: I’ve always been a big wrestling fan, started watching the WWF Attitude Era, and still do to this day. It seemed like this program was tailor made for me. I remember that guy that created this program from back in World Championship Wrestling (Sorry Ted, Vince isn’t in the wrestling biz, he’s in the sports entertainment biz), loved his personality on TV and the way he would jump off the screen. Yes, it’s him, DDP, Diamond Dallas Page. Sometimes things in life seem to just fall right into place like a movie.

I jumped online and bought the DVDs and the heart monitor in July of 2016. I read through the information that came with it and jumped in head first.
I changed what I ate completely. Dropped the sodas, the fast food, etc. and to be honest I don’t miss it at all. I eat clean as much as possible although I do have my off days.

I need to get on the DDPY app to really kick my next phase into gear, so that is where I’m looking to accomplish in this next year and climb up those leader boards. Watch out everyone! Ha.

As I said, I’m a few months past the 2 year anniversary using his program. I’ve kept the weight off and have completely changed the way I view food and exercise. His program isn’t hard on the joints, improves flexibility, and most importantly makes you feel great. Sure, I’d like to lose another 10 lbs or so, but I know if I keep on doing what I’m doing I will get there. This is a program that you can truly make your own and modify any time to fit your own needs. No other program out there is like that. No other program out there has the instructors that this program does. DDP will make you sweat, swear, and even laugh.

I also can’t say enough about the positive DDPY Facebook group that really helps with the motivation when my butt needs a kick of it and for the advice and accountability it brings. I have tried to do the same in my own life, by being more positive and helping others when I can. As DDP says, “Never underestimate the power you give someone by believing in them.” It’s a quote that I truly believe in and live by. I was able to kick the alcohol and the bad food. I was able to focus on making myself better. DDP always says to ink your goals and to own them. Well, my new goal before my 3rd anniversary of using his program is to meet the man himself and to thank him in person for saving my life.

I don’t want to sound dramatic but I truly believe that his program added years onto my life. Blood pressure is way down, sleep is much better, flexibility has improved, pain has decreased. It has also helped my mental focus and health to know that I have the power to change my destiny by putting the work in. As Springsteen once sang, “You got to learn to live with what you can’t rise above.” Time to get a little sappy…. I can’t thank you enough DDP. I mean it. I am looking forward to one day (hopefully, some time next year) thanking you in person and letting you know that your program helped saved me. Just like it has saved so many others. Also it is time to start using the APP now instead of the DVDs. It was a life line thrown down from above while I was sinking into the quicksand. I needed that positivity. I needed that guidance. I needed that accountability. I needed D-D-P. I can’t thank the whole community enough; the facebook group is also super helpful, although I mostly am just a lurker on that page. The group’s stories of battling each day to become better are truly an inspiration. Here’s to my 2 year anniversary and too many more years to come! For me, the program helped me lose weight, helped me with pain, and helped me believe in myself. It helped me overcome my issues with food, drinking, and self-esteem. Results may vary but no one will get you to believe in yourself like Diamond Dallas Page. I am happy where I am at and will continue to use this program and recommend it to everyone who asks how I look how I do now. If you don't believe it works, just look at my before and after pictures. Its hard for me to look at them as I look like a completely different person, but I see how far I've come, and its a good reminder of what I will look like again if I fall back into bad habits. If you put the work in, I believe this program will work for anyone out there. HULK IT UP! BANG! #OwnYourLife Jason Eckles

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