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Leonie Harrison

After three years at drama school and being at the peak of my physical fitness, I let myself go when I got comfortable in a relationship. I hated the size I was but I hated the gym more so I continued to whine about the way I looked but did nothing about it. The turning point came two years ago when I had a nasty fall from my horse, dislocating my kneecap and shattering the bottom of my femur into ten pieces. The break was so severe I was transferred to Southampton hospital as there were no doctors who could perform the surgery in my local area. I was in a leg brace for 3 months, where the physiotherapists gradually increased the rotation of my knee. When I was able to walk again, I had hydrotherapy every week for 6 weeks. I could walk, but that was it. Suddenly, I wanted to exercise. I wanted to be moving properly but physically, I just couldn’t do it and I didn’t know how to help myself. My friend suggested I come along to a DDPY class with NCR Fitness, and I’m so glad I did. I found something that is specifically designed for people with injuries and doesn’t make you feel like a failure if you have to modify a move. I found something that made me feel like I was working out without having to put any impact on my knee. I found something that helped kick start my recovery, as well as providing the added benefits of strength building and weight loss and which made me enjoy exercising. Best of all, I found something that has allowed me to take part in a 5k, to tap dance, to use a treadmill, to lose 10kg and to fit in size 10 clothes again.

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