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Mike Martin

Hi my name is Michael Martin and Feb 20th 2016 i was sitting at the legion with my friend drinking beer and eating chicken wings mozzarella cheese sticks and French fries. I was in a dark place in life where I had just settled. I was depressed and felt that I had no hope. And all of the sudden it just hit me when I went to bend over and tie my shoe. I had to take a few deep breaths just to get through it. And at that moment I said to myself I'm DONE! I'm making a change in my life. I'm 36yrs old and I've been a life long wrestling fan and have followed diamond Dallas page. I had a friend that told me about ddp yoga and she lost over 100lbs doing it. So I got online, ordered the dvds and decided to start my journey to a new healthy positive life. I started out at 296lbs and today I'm 191lbs and I'm continuing to live a healthy and positive life. My goal weight is 185lbs and I feel that I will make my goal because I will never give up. The positive mind set and motivation that Dallas and his team offers is contagious! This has truly changed my life and I am forever grateful for the ddpyoga program.  

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