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Dan Mueller

My story began in October 2015 when  I was 300+ pounds since graduating high school.  I had been experiencing pain in my right leg for a few months before I finally caved in and went to my doctor.  A MRI scan revealed I fractured my right hip, where the ball/socket joint meets.  It was due to my capillaries pinching off like a garden hose and stopping the blood flow to the bone.  No operation could be done to remedy the problem. I had a walking stick and was put on work restrictions.  On top of my already 320-pound frame, I packed on an additional 50-60 pounds.

On Thanksgiving 2016, my mother and I were sitting next to one another at our family get together. She called me out about my health, worried about my heavy breathing while just sitting on the couch.

I went home and thought about it. It was Thanksgiving night 2016, I decided I would dedicate 2017 to being healthy as a new year resolution

My good friend and former co-worker are huge wrestling fans, he suggested I watch "The Resurrection of Jake the Snake" on Netflix.  I watched it, and got to see an introduction to DDPYoga.  I never was a gym person, and given my hip condition,  I decided DDPYoga was perfect for me.  It seems weird, but given his past in WCW, I felt like I knew Dallas.  No one was in my living room, no one was criticizing my technique, there was nothing but a positive energy coming from my DVD player.  The more I saw results, the more confident I got.  I started out doing Fat Burner 2.0, I slowly graduated to Diamond Dozen 2.0, and then to Double Black Diamond 2.0.

DDPYoga has given me my life back, combined with regular exercise and a much healthier diet.  I bought a Fitbit and have yet to find someone who can match my step count (record score of 72,011 steps for 34.41 miles in one day.)

Adapting a healthy diet has also contributed to my success, I don't drink alcohol or smoke, and completely cut out my soda and fast food intake.  I now eat a lot of high protein-low fat foods and snack on fruits and vegetables.  I've become more confident and creative in the kitchen, adding my own personal taste to recipes and trying new foods.

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