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All my life I had weight struggles. From when I was a young girl going through middle school then high school.  My father passed away with a fatal heart attack at 48 when I was 19 years old. Working 2 jobs and trying to go to school. After that I had no choice but to grow up and quickly. My weight was a constant yo-yo.  As I got older and life got tougher the weight just piled on. Fast forward to 2011, when I experienced my first minor heart attack. After weeks/months in the hospital and 5 stents later to me my life was over. Depressed and no where to turn I packed on the pounds. Severely depressed at 42, I knew I was doomed to live my father's fate. Since then I am deathly afraid to turn 48. I'm 2 years away. Nerve wracking. A year after my heart attack with a lot of help and meds I was able to start functioning.


My journey began after watching a good friend get in shape and change his life. I stood on the side lines for almost a year watching, checking things out. After failing diet after diet, I really wanted to make sure that this wasn't going to be another let down.  After jumping in with both feet in July/August of 2014 I made huge changes. I weighed in at close to 250 pounds. I became addicted to working out. I hadn't really tried changing what I ate yet. I didn't want to become overwhelmed. I was working hard until about October. Then life happened, my workouts became less and less. I was able to maintain my weight by eating clean. I also still followed along on facebook in the different groups. About November, I came back with a vegeance. The inches started falling off. I loved staring at myself in the mirror. In February 2014 I signed up for certification. In March, life happened again. I stepped back from my workouts with my accountability partner. Life is funny that way. I always got back. I think that's what really mattered to me.


 My journey has changed so many times since I started. But for once in my life I can actually see the prize. I have always been heavy. My childhood was not the best. I was abused by a family member. As I grew up that was always in the back of my head. It surely contributed to me being overweight. I never wanted to be pretty. But now I have a new reason to change my life. I can't fail, my children's lives depend on me succeeding. For real. My 9 year old is following in my horrible genetics: high cholesterol, carotid artery disease, diabetes. I ask myself how did I let this happen. I refuse to let this happen. Since July my whole family has been working hard. I am finally down 50lbs and my 1 year DDPyoga anniversary is coming up.  I love watching my body change and of course hearing people complimenting me on how I look.

I started my certification process last February. After life detour and small hiatus. I am now back in the game on my road to certification. For me a perpetual quitter, this is so important for me to complete. I'm ready to own my life and help serve others in their journey to a better life. Next step will be my nutrition certification. But one day at a time.


If you get anything from my journey, the important thing is, YOU ALWAYS NEED TO GET BACK UP! We are all worth it.

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