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Rick Mitchell


I can’t say enough good things about DDPY. Been doing the workouts for almost three years and my overall health is so much better. In my 40’s I had ACL reconstructions on both knees and ruptured an Achilles’ tendon. Stopped working out gained weight, high blood pressure and no energy. You all know the song. Fast forward to age 50. While listening to a local sports talk radio station in Philadelphia, they interviewed DDP and he started speaking about DDPY. Got home checked it out on line and a few minutes later the purchase was made and I didn’t know it, but my life was about to change. At a month away from my 53 birthday I have lost over 50 lbs, my blood pressure is low and most importantly to me the pain in my knees is gone. My diet is a lot better, following the nutritional recommendations made by DDP. Every picture tells a story, so below is where I was when I started, where I was at 12 months into the work outs, and where I am now. A better me at 53! Stay with this program it works! Keep positive; everyone’s journey starts with a first step. Set goals and go for it! Lastly thank you DDP and crew for helping me get control of my life.

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