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Name: Christine Glindemann

Hometown: CopenhagenDenmark 

Age: 84

Health Conditions/Injuries: asthma, pernicious anemia, 2 blood clots, stroke, broken back, 2 x broken wrist, Myxodem, and restless leg syndrome.

Started DDPY: November 2017

Timeframe: 8 Months

Improvements: Posture, and Flexibility


Hello, I was an 83-year-old woman, when I began doing DDPY late November 2017. Now I am 84 years young I have always been active; walking a lot throughout my life doing my gardening but I have never been an athlete, nor have I ever been a runner. I am a mom of three children and a grandparent of 6 grandchildren. I am retired and live in Denmark and have a small house here.

The reason for starting to do DDPY was, that whenever passing a mirror, I saw that my posture was not as it had been and that I had gained something around my waist. I didn’t like the look of my waistline anymore. Although I had been doing different forms of gymnastics when I was younger, the changes had been coming so slowly, that I hadn’t really been aware of it until that November. And on top of the physical changes, I have had several incidents with falling; my balance was becoming increasingly poorer.  A year and a half before, I fell and broke my back and because of this, I had come to walk at a much slower speed.

My second daughter (55 years old) a nurse told me it was time to do something seriously about all of it if I wanted any improvements. She had been doing DDPY OGA consistently almost a year at that time, and she told me, that doing DDPY was the reason why she still could handle the job of taking care of her handicapped daughter 24/7, despite the fact she had had 3 herniated discs in the years before.

So, of course, I bought the DDP YOGA NOW app and began the exercises. My goal was and is to improve my posture, balance, speed in walking and decrease my waistline.

In November 2017 I began doing DDPY Rebuild starting with the limited mobility program Bed Flex, and as I write this, I have finished with the Chair Force program. The only changes I made in my life were to make time for doing the program as my weight and BMI was all right, but I can see how I should have put in something extra for my waistline to decrease.

In February, I fell again and broke my left wrist, and once more in April, I was unlucky again, as I broke it the second time. After a little while, I continued with the program, but I had to go back to Bed Flex, but now I have come to the end of the Chair Force program once again.

In June I had some photos taken, and I could see several improvements:

I could do the roundhouse kick, which was much better than in November, also sitting on the floor I could reach my toes much easier. I was very happy with my improvements, my posture had improved a bit, but my waistline is the same. Although I still can’t walk faster than before in November, I am however able to walk long distances. I try to walk at least 6,000-10,000 steps daily now.

In the house, where I live in winter, I also try to climb the two flights of stairs from my sitting room to my bedroom several times a day without stopping, and in summer I work many hours in my big garden.

I look forward to seeing what improvements the next year will bring as I continue to do DDPY.  

Story Posted: July 23 2018

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