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Clare Egan

In March this year I had what I like to think of now as a minor breakdown!  I was overweight (having yo yo'd over the years), I was unhealthy, I was eating junk food for convenience, I had bad knees (more of that later!) and was taking anti-depressants.


My fiancé, Rich and I had long talk about my mental and physical state that night (after many tears) and I decided it was time to change.  We had been following Jake's progress (being huge wrestling fans!) at the crib and felt inspired by not only Jake's journey but also the work that Dallas was doing.  Internet browsing took over for a while and we stumbled upon Arthur's video - WOW.  I watched that video and cried….I thought to myself if Arthur can make the journey he has made, I have no excuses.  I'm younger than him, I'm fitter than he was and I have never suffered serious injuries!  I watched many videos that night about DDP YOGA and thought "this is it…I could do this!". 


No sooner had we discussed it…Rich had been online and ordered the package for me….his treat!


I saw no reason to wait for the DVDs to arrive, I could start now by sorting out my diet.  Out went the crisps, biscuits, chocolate, pizzas and all the other rubbish and in came the whole foods, the nuts, the fruit the veg.  You know what….I haven't looked back!  I now eat tasty, healthy, nutritious food…food that is fuelling my body and not slowly killing it!  It does help that Rich is a great cook and is always creating new and exciting recipes (which he is considering documenting and sharing with everyone!).


So… the diet was sorted and a couple of weeks later the DVDs arrived.  I watched in awe and excitement then got going.  Starting off slow and finding my feet.  Dallas is so inspiring and encouraging and you never feel that you are failing or making a fool of yourself.  You fall, you get up …simple!


4 months on I am regularly busting through Fat Burner (always followed by Red Hot Core - ouch!) and Strength Builder and loving every second of it.  I have never felt so alive, so energized or so strong!  In only 4 months I have lost 26lbs, 13 inches, the pains in my knees (for which I was seeing a specialist) and my anti-depressants are in the bin!  I have told my doctor of my progress, the fact that my knees are better and that through healthy eating, regular exercise, a positive mental attitude and the amazing support of Team DDP!  Everyone comments on my skin these days, how I have lovely clear skin and a radiant glow - its no coincidence!


DDP YOGA is my way of life now! 


When I met Dallas I thanked him but it seems that those words are not enough.  Dallas, you and your team and the twitter and online support of Team DDP have literally saved my life, that is no exaggeration!!! You have saved my body and my mind.  I am a happy, healthy confident person (the person I used to be!).  I am now paying it forward and trying to inspire others to change their diet and exercise - it seems so simple doesn’t it!


I'm hoping to come to the retreat next year (dependent on location - the UK is a long way across the pond and flights are so expensive!)


Don’t get me wrong..I know that this is only the beginning of my journey, but you know what, I cant wait for the rest of it!  If this is how I feel now, imagine what my life will be like in 6 months, a year, 5 years!


I have attached some photos - the comparison one was taken at the very start of my  journey and again about a month ago, so things have changed again since then and the other photo is of me and my hero!  Not many people get to meet their heroes - I met mine and got a kiss too! Best day ever!


So guys…thank you, keep up the good work and if there is ever anything I can do to help, just ask!


Lots of love




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