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Jason Hatherlee

I've been fat since puberty. I started believing the lies going around today that it's OK to be obese and unhealthy. It's not. This time last year, I had to walk hunched over after sitting for a while because my back and knees hurt so much. I also couldn't do a pushup; not one single pushup. I started doing DDPYoga and eating clean in November 2014. Now I can do 10 second pushups with relative ease.


As of writing this, I've lost 71 pounds but I'm not finished yet. I want to get to 186 and have a good deal of lean muscle. My life has changed for the better, not only physically, but mentally, as well. My nearly life-long battle with depression has been conquered. I will forever be in debt to the tools and self-confidence given to me by DDP and DDPYoga.

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