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Chris Joeckel

First some background. I am 34 years old, and when I started my Journey, I was in awful shape. I was living as unhealthy as I possibly could, and I probably have never worked out a day in my life. Over the years I had Ballooned all the way up to 346 pounds and on the road to major health problems if I kept up on the path I was on. Luckily for me, I had finally had enough and I decided now that I was ready to take care of MYSELF! I had heard of DDPYoga for quite a long time actually before I took the plunge, always telling myself that tomorrow, or next week Ill start and really give it an honest effort. Well last May I borrowed a DVD that a friend had and did my first Diamond Dozen workout because really at the time I just wanted to see what all the hoopla was about. Amazingly however, the next day, I fired it up AGAIN and did my second Diamond Dozen workout! And then the next day, I did it AGAIN! All of a sudden I was on a winning streak, and right then and there I was hooked. I had actually found something that I enjoy doing, and best of all, just doing those workouts had me feeling better. I then took the Plunge and ordered the system for myself. I was ready to do this and own this! I signed up for, I took in the vast wealth of information available to me, and In time, I started participating in the community as well. I was completely all in. Motivated as ever to transform myself like so many others have!


For me the results came quickly! When DDP says that "results aren't typical", he's right! I've busted my rear and made amazing progress! Within 3 months of my first workout, I was already down over 50 pounds, and was under 300 pounds for the first time in many many years. Best of all, I really started feeling better physically, and mentally. Whatever I was doing, it was working, and I wanted more! Here is a list that I can think of of things that have changed with me the first 3 months...


1)I was sleeping way better than I ever have in years

2)Pain in my Shoulders went away

3)Pain in my feet that I have had for YEARS and YEARS, went away

4)My Back feels better than it ever has

5)I am the strongest and most flexible I think that I have ever been

6)I used to have pretty bad heartburn and acid reflux, and I have not had a single episode in months


As the months roll on I continue to get stronger and more flexible, and as of this writing I have now been at it for almost 10 months and have lost 127 pounds total. I am doing things now I never thought I would do. I've finished every workout on the first 4 discs, I can pull off a Black crow. When I started I couldn't even do a single pushup on my knees, let alone a slow motion one. I signed up for Kung Fu classes. I take long hikes. I go out and Enjoy LIFE now. I have learned to cherish the small victories and stay positive, and move forward, I even signed up for my first DDPYoga workshop. The bottom line is that while I had to go out and put the work in, DDPYoga and the excellent community at teamddpyoga helped give me the confidence and the tools necessary to change a lifetime of bad habits, and start owning life!


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