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My name is Andy. At my heaviest, I weighed 330 pounds 1 year ago... In the Summer of 2012, I started doing “The Biggest Loser” weight loss yoga DVD... I started at 315 pounds. Now i am 239 pounds.. that is 76 pounds lost on DDP YOGA.. By the end of the first week I was hooked on doing yoga from home... The next day a friend of mine linked me Arthur’s video..


 I started looking into DDP YOGA.  Being a wrasslin fan growing up (and still to this day), I knew of DDP, so I was hooked on the idea.   My wife challenged me to keep going with the yoga I was doing for a few more weeks.  If I kept feeling better and showed dedication, then she'd get me DDP YOGA!  By the end of the next week, I was still pumped, feeling AWESOME, and there was a sale; DDP YOGA was MINE! 


 After ordering the DVDs I was sent here,, I introduced myself, met some people and waited for my package to arrive. By the end of the third week doing the other yoga, my DDP YOGA package arrived in the mail.And I couldn’t wait to get started! That day I took my 6 pics, watched the diamond dozen and energy a couple times. I really began to involve my self into the chat room... Man was that the best decision I had ever made...


 Being in Arizona, not having a lot of friends, the chat room made me feel welcome and at home…plus alot of people I had met in chat are East Coasters.. Now almost 8 months later I can now call them extended family and friends... since starting DDP YOGA, I have lost a total of 62 pounds! In just under 8 months!! But most of all I have a smile on my face every day… I have had battles of depression, wanting to give up on DDP YOGA and exercise and eating clean numerous times...The one thing I can tell you is this; No matter how many times you fall down, pick yourself up that one extra time. Don’t be scared to hop into TEAMDDPYOGA chat... here is the progression of me thru these past almost 9 months with DDP YOGA.


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