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Rob C.

My name is Robert and I was born and raised in NYC! I am just a regular guy and I have been on the beginner program for about 45 days and have lost 34 lbs. My high weight was 267 and I am currently at 233! I have always been a heavy dude but over the past few years I just got out of control with eating CRAP! I have seen the Arthur video like everyone else and it hit me in the gut and made me look at myself and tell myself to WAKE UP!


One day I just decided that enough was enough! Everyone asks me what diet and exercise am I on. I tell them DDP YOGA but i refuse to say I am on a diet because i eat eat EAT!I am on Phase 2 (I just have a low fat wrap that i need to cut out) It has been tough but I have NEVER felt better..... and I am still overweight and have a long way to go. 



I am going to update you in a few months because I want to prove to myself that I OWN THIS. 



One year update: 


How did I learn about DDP YOGA? Well I heard one of my favorite wrestlers Chris Jericho speaking about it in an interview a little more than a year ago, how his back pains were basically cured thanks to DDP YOGA. Yea f***** YOGA! My first instinct was well I'm not a wrestler or an athlete so it's just another exercise program. Well after doing a search I found Arthur's video of his amazeballs transformation. That's when i said to myself if HE can do it so why the hell can't I?! One year later i have dropped 86 lbs, have ZERO back pain, I stopped snoring, can play and run around with my 5 year old, and have been donating so much clothes that doesn't fit anymore. I've done it with a few break here and there cause of knee injury i got from playing basketball. 


DDP YOGA is NOT an exercise program, it's a transformation waiting to happen. I dare you to find a program that doesn't hurt, that doesn't make you feel run down, that doesn't have GREAT customer service, and that doesn't actually care about you. DDP YOGA is all that and more. Go ahead find a program that builds a community like at, has a call in weekly radio show, doesn't need to run ads on TV 24/7 and can rely on Facebook and Twitter to spread the word. 


DDP YOGA ...... Namaste moth&*f*@ckers


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