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Mike Mullins

After years of beating up my body in the wrestling ring and destroying my health with my miserable and embarrassing eating habits, physically I was broken and mentally I was exhausted. Imagine being 2 years shy of 30 and your doctor informs you that a hip replacement is essential for me to live an existence without immense pain. For 2 years I let my physical health control my life. The pain I was going through made it so I couldnt go out, I couldnt have fun, hell I could barely walk to the bathroom. There was a month straight where I slept on the couch because it was too much work to make it to the bedroom. The doctors prescribed perscription medication to mask the pain but that was creating a bunch of new issues.


One night, my girlfriend Katie and I went for a rare night out to dinner with friends and after 45 minutes I had to leave due to pain and Katie literally carried me arm and arm back to the car. That night I went home and cried for an hour and a half. That was my breaking point. Desperate for a shred of hope I came across DDP YOGA and the original Arthur Boorman video done by his son. The moment I viewed that video I had something stir in my soul that hadnt been there for a long time... HOPE! I ordered the DVDs right away and I also bought the Diamond Dallas Page "OWN YOUR LIFE" mp3. At first I was skeptical but as I listened to the mp3, I stopped it mid way through and grabbed a pen and paper and started to write stuff down. Everything he said hit home, and it hit home hard. I got the DVD's and I started doing it every day.I know it may sound too good to be true but after the first workout, I felt good after the third I felt even better.


By week 2 my pain had diminished by a huge amount and I noticed energy and positivity in abundance! As I felt more and more comfortable with the workouts, I attempted more and more and I find myself wanting to push myself further and further, which is a far cry from the man I was before who was satisfied just getting by. I am over 6 months in to my DDP YOGA journey and Ive lost over 40 pounds and am 95% pain free. I know it sounds extreme but Diamond Dallas Page and DDP YOGA didnt change my life... he saved it. DDP YOGA is a complete fitness system, it focuses on the body and attitude. My life has gone from unbearable to unstoppable in 6 months. I love the Strength Builder workout for 40 minutes of hard work you get an amazing full body workout and you truly get a buzz from these workout that no drink, no drug, no dilectable dessert can touch.


I work out 6 days a week sometimes more, I treat this like my medication. Without my medication I cant live a comfortable life. I have to take my medication to be at my optimal self. DDP YOGA is my drug and Diamond Dallas Page is my Doctor. When I was drowning in pain, and self loathing and negativity, DDP reached his hand down and saved me. I feel like the money I paid for the DDP YOGA DVD's will never pay my debt to the man who created it.  


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