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Mark Kosterie

I'm Mark, I'm originally from the UK, but living in Ireland currently. My DDP YOGA journey started 6 ½ months ago as part of a new years resolution.


Unlike many others....this resolution I actually kept.


It was the Arthur video that first got me to the Team DDP YOGA site, and watching stuff on DDP's youtube channel, but actually I think it was hearing that he was helping Jake Roberts that made me really sit up and take notice. I briefly met Jake in the UK in 2005, and seeing just how much better and brighter he looked in the vids really made me feel like a kid again, like I was about to watch Jake lace up his boots and take on Randy Savage. Maybe there was something to this DDP YOGA stuff after all, I was certainly up for finding out.


January 6th 2013 myself and my fiancée finally pulled the trigger and started to live our new gluten and dairy free lives at 90%. Having never been what you'd call a private person, I decided to start out not only with posting my pictures up on team DDP and keeping a record of my progress, but also throwing them up on every bit of social media I was on and telling anyone who would listen to me what I was doing. I'd expected to start off at around 300lbs, I was actually goal? Lose 100lbs in 12 months....heck it seemed realistic, if a little tough, at the time.


It's 6 ½ months later, and I'm down 103lbs. It's been an amazing journey so far, and I can't imagine ever stopping doing something that's this much fun, and has this much benefit to my health, and my lifestyle in general. My wife Suse (or Snoz, to her friends) has been with me every step of the way and lost 80+lbs herself. On those lower days where I lose focus and start to live life at 89%, she's always there to kick my ass back up to 90 for me. When I started, I couldn't imagine working out 3 times a week, now I can't imagine doing less than 5.


After smashing one goal, I felt like I needed another.....currently I'm thinking just how awesome it would look if I were to get a photo of myself in the snow on Christmas day.....doing a handstand. Is that possible? If there's one thing I've learned since January, it's that anything is possible when you keep calm, and hit your DDP YOGA! BANG!


- Mark


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