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My name is Nate, I'm 26 years old.

I live in the UK with my wife and I've been doing DDP YOGA for 3 months now.


I lost my father to cancer at the beginning of this year and while my dad's illness shocked me, I ran to food for comfort as I had before. Before I knew it I was bigger than ever at 288 lbs. He was only 65 and should have had another 20 years in him but genes and poor eating habits caught up with him. I ate the same way and had his genes, how long before it got me too? 


My wife introduced me to wrestling in April of this year (2013) and after seeing the amazing shape those guys are in, I decided something had to change about not only the way I looked but the way I felt.


My wife discovered what DDP had been up to and had the program here before I knew it. We started with Phase 1 eating. That lasted the 3 days it took to use the extra food we had in the house still. Then we jumped into Phase 3 and that's where the magic happened. After a couple of weeks of natural, real food, we both felt great. Fast forward 3 months of Phase 3 eating and 4-6 workouts per week, I've lost 40 lbs and 20 inches off my body. With a goal loss of 100 lbs to take me to 188, I'm 40% there already and it feels amazing! I'm stronger than ever, my body is getting toned and best of all, I can do it all from home and I don't have a high impact workout that will hurt my knees.


For years I'd tried so many diets and weight loss programs that promised fast results but I knew at the back of my mind they wouldn't work. DDP YOGA WORKS. The food is great and the workouts are so much fun that even if I'm cursing at the TV , I'm still loving it and still holding that position in full. 

The results you see on this site are real and the support is truly amazing. It may look like hard work but I look forward to working out for the first time ever and always feel unstoppable afterwards. 

If you've already tried everything else, this is the LIFESTYLE for you. If you haven't tried anything yet, don't waste your time with the rest and just order the program! 


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