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Olivia Clark

Well, my story is.... Sorta unique, I guess. I'm actually transgender and- to get the proper effects from hormones- I need to lose weight. I have to reach about 150 or so pounds or hit a relatively slim figure and get a low fat count, as 'settled fat' doesn't react as well to estrogen and other hormones as 'new fat', which is easier for hormones to 'direct' and send to different parts of the body. I had been needing to lose weight for a while since deciding what I was going to do, but I was scared of gaining too much muscle mass and I didn't really know how to do anything. I was also quite scared of gyms because I was (and still am, though to a MUCH lesser degree) self-conscious of my body.

Since starting, I've become much more happy with my body and much less introverted! I've used the dieting tools included to help decide what would be good for me and I've broadened my horizons on what to eat! 


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