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Alex Gonzalez

My name is Alex Gonzalez, and this is my story. For pretty much all of my life I've been overweight heck in my teens (1998) I weighed 468 pounds at one point. I joined the football team and got into weight training and lost a lot of weight. Heck I got down to 215 pounds. It didn't last too long I started working shortly after the team weight trained but ate Horrible! Eventually I took High calorie meals and Power lifted stayed solid as a result til one day in 2005 I injured my lower back and found out I have slight arthritis.


   The Injury slowed me down good enough to Balloon  up over the years. I was in Denial all throughout the years not admitting to my family and More importantly Myself. Last Year was my wake up call upon Building my new home with my Wonderful  girlfriend (Fiance today) and just over did it to the point that my bad back reminded me that it was there along with the 9 years of abuse it had taken over the years. What  sucked was when my son JT (14)  asked to throw a football my daughter Jianna (8) along with Jonathan (6) all wanted to play and I just could not do it. I felt fat disgusting and It showed in my poor attitude!


  I came to a decision and did change my diet workouts to do lighter weight and cardio.... The scale went up! I had a what the Hell moment stopped and went to my doctor and weighed in at 363.8. Blood labs weren't good and I said medicine has advanced so much and decided to get weight Surgery. My Family supported me I was afraid went to a seminar to which sucked due to scheduling conflicts (Doctors on vacation and had me and others show up for nothing). I  took it as a bump in the road set up my next appointment and all went better. Made the arrangements for the nutritionist to see me. That was a BAD  experience. Now I'm okay with rules and standards, I was heading to my appointment an hour and a half early and hit traffic (Not Normal for where I live) called and said "I don't know if I can get there on time should I head in or set up another day?" The reply was "No, Come down!" I got there Literally 1 minute late and get asked "when is the next time you can come in?" "I replied "Are you serious? That's why I called because I have a bit of a drive!" lady said the nutritionist said" no because my appointment is at 1:00  that takes an hour and there's a 1:30 person as well!" I asked "how does that work?" she says "the other person would have to wait!" I told them "Go F yourselves" and  boy was my family hot at me. I said I'll find a way to do this without them!


   About a week later I watched The Arthur video. Oh My God I cried not because I felt for him but I felt that I found my answer! God had me come across this because I felt that passion I once had. The Fact That DDP is the creator and I'm a Die hard Wrestling Fan it added up! I watched that video and re shared it (Still do) watched other Videos and DDP interacting with everyone I was inspired Personally! All I talked about was DDP this and DDP that Kim surprised me and Got me the Videos of DDP YOGA For Christmas. I happened to check the mail one day and kinda blew the surprise haha. None the Less I started Disc 1 Followed the Diet and routines. lost 10 pounds my first week. It didn't stop there the weight fell off little by little. is greatI talk to DDP and he replies along with Brittany. They Helped out when I tore my calf and recovered. Now I'm glad to report i'm 63 pounds down as of 5/31/14.


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