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Jim Shields

I was 39 years old and had just moved to a new city and had was working from home.  I was 326 lbs and and way out of shape.  Walking a mile would make me sore for the rest of the day. Doing everyday tasks was getting harder and harder to do.  Getting in and out of my car, off the couch was a huge chore. Let alone getting down to the floor and back up again.  


I happened to read an article about Jake The Snake Roberts. I am not a huge wrestling fan, but I definitely watched it when I was kid and knew who he was. That article mentioned DDP YOGA, and I started searching about this and found Arthur's video, then Slim's, then Stacey's.  They all resonated with me. I just knew if those three people could do it, then I could.  I continued to research and found no bad reviews. No one getting injured after doing it for 3 months.  I also like the fact it was something geared towards fitting into a life style.


The next day I ordered the Combo Pack and registered for  There I found even more people to draw inspiration from.  That website has been huge help for me. is full of people on the same journey doing it a lot of ways. All of them are very helpful.  It also lets you journal and blog about your experience and this is something I did daily.  I loved being able to track my progress through words.


I started just doing Energy every day. That was my focus. Then I slowly started eating better and drinking beer less.  Things slowly fell in place and I kept getting better and better.  I still have a long ways to go, because this is a lifestyle for me now. It will never end.

As I look back I realize the weight loss is nice and awesome, but being healthy both physically and mentally is the true magic of this journey for me. I am much more confident, alive and active than I have been in long time.

Below are some excerpts from some of those blogs and journals.

1st blog before I started:

"Currently I am 6'2, and about 320lbs and 39 years old.  I just moved to upstate NY, from Washington DC, and the change has been pretty good to me, I lost some weight just because I am not working from the office which has free soda, and access to some great cupcake places in DC."


Day 3:

"Just being able to move around on the mat is a plus to me right now.  I can't wait till tomorrow."


Day 15:


"I just did Fat Burner, it felt great.  the squat diamond cutter into a 3 second lift is almost impossible for me. So I took my ottoman and used that to slowly raise up from.  I know I am not getting the full benefit, but if I keep at it, I will get it."


Day 39


"I was walking around my apartment in flannel pajamas muttering to my self.  Finally I said "You can't get fit if you don't work out"


So I put on my shorts and my Goonies t-shirt.  Sprinted upstairs and started Fat Burner.  Maybe it was the Goonies T-shirt, but I really pushed myself."


When I first weighed under 300lbs:


" It took a while to read.  I was expecting a 3 and a 0, and maybe another 0, or something. The first number I focused on was the 8 and then the 9.  When I read the two, I just stood there for a bit.  I haven't been under 300 for years, I can't even remember the time I was not over 300.


Holy Cow, it feels great.  Just typing this I am getting a bit teary eyed.  This means a lot to me.  I cannot wait till day 60 and beyond."


Day 120:


"I will post my pics soon, I am happy with them. I was able to tuck in my shirt.  This is a big deal.  Before I would do anything to hide my waist."


Day 301:


"I have been on this journey to turn my life around for over 10 months.  Holy cow. When I started I just wanted to make sure I did something active every day.  I love how it's turned into changing me into a healthier human being.  Not just physically, but mentally and emotionally.  I see myself in a whole new light.


If you are just starting and wondering, it is totally worth it.  Just keep it up, and remember will you get out of this, what you put into this.  There are many different paths and routes to take on the way to getting healthy.  Do what works for you, but don't be afraid to learn along the way and change as you go along.  There is not one magic answer.


Be awesome!"


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