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Tim Strongbear

Lifestyle Change.  A way of living life and owning my life.  At 408 Lbs. 3 30 packs and 4 fifths per week for 7+ years, I was on my way to no return by choice.  On an early morning news show in 2012, I seen Arthur’s story and like everyone else, was amazed.  I pulled the trigger on DDP YOGA shortly after and was immediately contacted by DDP.  His commitment to saving lives and being a genuine caring man never ceases to amaze me.

                I got started and was really impressed with fast results and the all in one last fitness system I would ever need, with expert nutrition advice, on my way, like so many others.  I tried to keep the alcohol in my life and tried to moderate it, haha, you know how that worked out, or as Dallas would say “How’s that working out for ya?” lol.

                I went below and back over 350 3 different times before I locked it in, it’s never, ever, ever too late to become what you want to be.  As Slimtronic5K says, Always Be Moving Forward, and never, ever, ever give up.  I never tried to get up with DDP during those times, I said long ago, Extraordinary Results will be Common Place at DDP YOGA, and it’s true.  So many lives changed.  I wanted to hit him up positives, with Results, I told him I didn’t want to be a “Before” Model, I want to be an “After” Model.

                I’m not at all knocking those that seek DDP out in dark times, and I know he is so helpful, more power to those peps, I’m just talking about me.  DDP has so much always on his plate, and Brenda is in a fight for her life and DDP is right there always, for everyone.  If I wasn’t doing the work, I wasn’t going to waste his time.  Indians paint their faces in war to hide from God, we know war is wrong, guess I hid from DDP a few times, but that is part of the Red Road.

                My sister Lola many fires, was in a brutal motorcycle wreck, pins and metal in both her shoulder and ankle now.  Lola was determined to ride again, but couldn’t lift her arm up at all, until DDP YOGA.  She now has full movement of her arm and awesome flexibility thanks to encouragement from DDP.  She didn’t have to worry about Healthcare cost, long doctor rehab visits.  With DDP YOGA, she is another common example of the healing DDP YOGA can provide, with the side benefits of weight loss and holding back the hands of time.

                Thanks to DDP YOGA, I never made the turn to the dark.  I almost did.  The 3rd time I was back over 350, I said F it, I’m just going to go on and be a fat drunk.  I had to go to a doctor, and had not really been much at all since getting out of the Marine Corps in ’91, but it started to be more and more part of my life.  I was put on high blood pressure medicine, with no family history of it.  I refused the prescription band aid to my problem and realized I could fix this, that I didn’t have to care about healthcare cost/problems, pill fixes, waiting 3 hours in empty waiting rooms/crowded waiting rooms.

                I committed hard, let food be my medicine as Hippocrates told us to begin with, not pills with side effects, on top of cheeseburgers and pizza.  Clean eating, DDP YOGA, repeat, repeat, repeat, and own it.  Own My Life.

                I am not there yet, but I am closer than I was yesterday.  I have lost 113 pounds to date, at 295 from 408.  Everything in my life has improved, Positive Mental Attitude Always.  DDP YOGA, running, Aikido, clean eating, ALL have improved each and every day.

                We have all heard so many times from so many people around the world and across America, “DDP saved my Life.”  So often, we start to soften to the statement because we hear it so much, but it is remarkably true, for me, and many others that Dallas has for real saved our lives and helped us have a better life, a quality live with positivity all around.  New found friends on the same road.  Surround yourself with likeminded people and Own Your Life.

                I have more weight to lose, but I see the Light, not at the end of the tunnel, because there is no end to this awesome lifestyle, I see the light of the rest of my life.

                Just because I don’t want to do it, or don’t feel like doing it, doesn’t mean I can’t do it.  Do DDP YOGA; eat clean, OWN YOUR LIFE.



Thanks Dallas, for all you do, and for all you have helped, and will help.

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