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Jonathan Hall

Hey, my name is Jonathan!


Just like most people here, I have struggled with my weight all of my life, it goes up, I put work in, it goes down, I get lazy and it goes right back up again.


Two years ago I was at my heaviest ever, at 303lbs, I had trouble walking any distances, I couldn’t do much of anything but stand still.  When my partner told me she was pregnant, I knew I had to change.  I did, but I didn’t do it the right way…


I went for a Total Food Replacement diet, which is as bad as it sounds, I could only have 2 shakes a day, nothing else.  Well I lost 84lbs on this, putting me to my lightest ever 219lbs, but it wasn’t healthy or good for me.  After I came off it, the weight started piling on again.


Cut to January 2014, I decided once again that I had to do something, as I was back up to 275lbs and just playing with my little one was becoming difficult…at 2 years old she was a little like speedy Gonzales, so impossible to keep up with.  Myself and my partner, Grace (who does DDP YOGA with me), are getting married in October this year, so we decided we had to take a stand and take action. 


In January we joined Weight Watchers, which was good, but I felt we needed something more.  The Steve Austin Podcast alerted me to the great discount for the max pack.  Now I had seen the Arthur video years ago, but never did anything as I didn’t have a reason at the time…in my head at least.


We ordered it and jumped straight in with the Diamond Dozen, I have never, ever looked back.  I have met some great friends here and listened to some great advice and given some I hope!


I joined the DDP YOGA youtube challenge group, which started my video blogging life…I have a whole 8 subscribers, that is 8 people that believe in me though and support me with what I’m doing, I never had that before.  (My channel)

After 30 days I noticed a big difference in my flexibility already, I could touch my toes for a start!

After 60 days even more flexibility, more strength!  I decided to do some comparison pictures which you can find on my profile.

DDP himself visited Cork in March, getting a chance to meet the man himself was awesome and worth the lack of sleep from the late finish of his meet & greet.  I got a picture with him, which is actually my current profile pic on the site.  J

After 90 days I was OWNING it!

120+ days later and I’m now down 35 lbs (took me a month to get that 1lb to reach 35 lost, but I stuck at it and worked hard when I wanted to quit) (240lbs current weight) and loving life again, I have my moments, but we all do right?  Grace has lost 22lbs from the Weight Watchers and DDP YOGA, so she is taking charge of her life too, I’m so proud of her and so thankful for all of her support.  I decided to do another set of comparison pics here too, comparing day 1, to 120.   Pretty soon I’ll be able to get my head between my legs!

I can now do a 10 count pushup without modifying, sometimes 2, the 3 counts I can usually do a whole set, depending on the workout.  Red Hot Core, which seemed so scary at first, is now my go to work out if I’m in a rush, do 2 of those and you’re working it!  My flexibility has increased amazingly and my strength and fitness are off the charts!  Compared to where I started anyways hehe!

A few days ago now, I actually ran a full 5KM road race, my first ever!  I ran it in a time of 33 minutes, before DDP YOGA I could NEVER have done this, I never even would have considered running it.  I’m slowly making my way up to the 10KM distance and then after that a half marathon by next year, that’s the long term goal anyways!  (ignore the cheesy music!)

I have a long way to go weight loss wise, at least another 40lbs or so before I think I’ll be set, but I will enjoy most of the time getting there, as even if I don’t lose weight, I am still getting fitter, getting stronger, getting closer to achieving my goals!  I’m excited as to what else life will bring now, as I make my way slowly, but inexorably towards my goal. 

Thanks DDP for believing in me and for everyone on my friends list who has a kind word, even when I don’t believe in myself, also DDP, thanks for answering all of my mails I send, even when I’m sure some are super annoying!


I took a picture showing a few changes in myself and Grace the other night, you can find that on my profile too! 



I’ll see you on!


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