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Dear DDP,


Thank you for what your program has done for me!! I am 45 years old and was 246lbs in Dec. 2012. I was in really good shape in my 20's, but after getting married, satisfaction and contentment kicked in and i really let myself go.


Every once in a while i would try working out, but it never stuck, and i finally gave up. When i hit 40, i had always heard it would be very hard to lose weight, so i just succumbed to the idea of, "Well, this is just how I'm gonna be from now on, very overweight, but i'll deal with it." Then a friend showed me Arthur's video.


Based on what he went through and his results, and the fact that it was DDP, as i have always been a huge wrestling fan. I decided, this it it, I have no excuses now. If this doesn't work, nothing will. The program had me hooked from day one!! I actually ENJOY and am EXCITED about working out again.


I lost 7 pounds in the first two weeks and that was all the motivation i needed. Now, its been 12 months, and i have lost 88lbs!! Am currently at 191lbs. and am shooting for 185, JUST 10 more lbs! I haven't been at that weight since i was 21. I NEVER thought i would be this skinny ever again!! Thank you, DDP. Always respected you for wrestling, and now, i respect you even more for your efforts in helping people like me! God Bless you!


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