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Chuck Taylor

My name is Chuck Taylor and I am from Cleveland, OH. I have always been overweight all my life and just accepted the fact that I always would be. It actually never held me back from having an active life, plenty of sex, many girlfriends and a lot of fun. BUT. As I got older, I am now 39 and with having high blood pressure and having severe anxiety and depression partly over my health situation I knew I needed to make a change. In 2011 I weighed 490lbs and I am 6'3" tall. In the beginning of 2011 I started doing cardio, I actually bought a 'The Biggest Loser' dvd and started doing it daily and did it fairly regularly till the mid of 2012 and lost some weight but certainly not as much as I felt I should . I had also started eating better, more fruits and veggies, but again feeling very discouraged about my progress.


In late 2012 a friend posted the Arthur video on Facebook and once I saw that video I was overwhelmingly inspired to try something different. I bought the full program and started right away. I started slow and keep going. Also followed some of the diet suggestions with the program and did other research about super foods and eating healthy. Since I really didn't get going full on till the Spring of 2013 thats what I consider my start date. Now I weight 360lbs, dropped 5 pants sizes and even my wang has gotten BIGGER! Huge plus even though I know you don't want to include that in your promotional materials, but it is also a benefit of the program. So I have dropped over 125lbs in about 15 months and I couldn't feel better about myself. Oh and I am not stopping! My goal is to get to 250lbs. I have turned on a couple of my friends to the program and they are also very happy with their progress. DDP YOGA has and IS changing my life for the better and I can't thank you enough. I would love to be included in your inspirational stories or any other materials. I am including some before and after pics from 2011 and some taking this week. Thanks again!


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