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D.J. Clark

My Name is Daniel, but many people know me as D.J. or Deeej! Haha. Here is a little background on myself. I have been overweight since as far back as I am able to remember. When most people remember fonder days on the playground of their elementary school years. I remember being tormented as the "fat" kid. I remember being in a 3XL t-shirt by the time I was in the fourth grade. So that would make me nine or ten years old and already gaining some massive size.


By middle school I was already shopping at the Big & Tall stores. Being emotionally bullied on a regular basis to the point of where I feared going to school, by the eight grade I was already up past 370 pounds. On a blood pressure medication simply because I was so stressed out from practically failing the eighth grade, and still being picked on for being obese.


High School were definitely some better years. I still weighed around 370 pounds thanks to older brother pulling me into martial arts with him, but by the time I graduated in 2004 I was easily tipping the scales at 400 pounds or pretty damn close considering I couldn't find a scale to weigh myself on.


Flash forward about about 4 years. I was let go from my job of almost four years. That was the straw that broke the camels back. From that point on I would gain massive amounts of weight over the next few years. Develop an awful condition known as plantaar fascitiis in my right foot. Which prevented me from standing up or walking more than three to five minutes before my foot felt like it was being cut in half from the inside out. I felt like a total failure in my life, and thought about checking out of life quite a bit to early.

On my 27th birthday, a friend of mine sent me a  link to Arthur Boorman's video. After watching it, I knew I was out of excuses. I dug a bit deeper and found out one of my favorite wrestlers made a yoga program called DDP YOGA! I was hooked. I spent my last bit of money on the DDP YOGA max pack. From the moment I clicked order , I knew I had made the right decision. I did my 6 starting photos (Totally made me sick to my stomach, but I am glad I have them now).  Topping the scales at the highest weight of my life , 519 pounds at the 27. Yeah you read it right Five Hundred and nine-teen pounds! Wearing a size 68-70 in jeans , and a 6 XL t-shirt. It was not a fun time to say the least.


It has been 11 amazing months since that order button was clicked. I have dropped 164 pounds, and 92 inches as of May 5th , 2013. My 28th birthday! The sky is the limit! I am now sitting at 355 pounds!  Just got into a pair of size 54 jeans, and a 3 XL t-shirt for the first time since I was 10 . My ultimate goal is to get down into the lower 200 pounds mark by the time I'm 29. Hopefully get certified to teach DDP YOGA as well as find a career to coinside with it. So I can help change people lives just as much as this DDP YOGA lifestyle has changed mine!


I feel like a completely new man, reborn through DDP YOGA,  hard work, clean eating, and determination. I am first hand proof that it can be done! The journey for my weight loss isn't over yet, but DDP YOGA will get me there, and anywhere else I need to go in my life as far as my goals. The life lessons I have learned alone from this journey of mine is more than I could ever have hoped for. Anyone reading this that might be on the fence, YOU can do this. YOU can own your life just as I have owned my own. I am 28 feeling like I've just turned 20! Life is what I make it. What are you going to make yours!? What could you do!?


My very best wishes to whomever is reading this. I hope that my story although "Under Construction" will help give you hope, or the kick in the ass you may need like I did back last year ;).


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