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Robert Correia

I've always been heavy, but athletic throughout school, soccer, boxing, football. But as I got older the yoyo struggle with weight got worse and every time I gained, I gained more then before. Fast forward to 2015 my weight hit a massive 450 pounds. Having a new child and turning 40 were both weighing on my mind. I decided January 1st I would make changes. I watched my portions, but not much else, but still dropped 60 pounds but still really didn't have much motivation or dedication. Then early February I watched the Arthur Boorman video and was moved in so many ways. I watched the video everyday, and everyday I watched more, and looked up everything I could about DDP Yoga until I decided this is for me. I told my wife that when the videos came in I was making a drastic change. The videos arrived February 28th and on February 29th I quit soda, energy drinks, coffee, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, processed foods, preservatives, saturated fats etc. I started the DDPYOGA program and loved it but had problems. I was having terrible headaches that I realized was from the withdrawal symptoms of the bad foods that I ditched. Also my energy was lacking so I contacted a friend of mine who's a nutritionist. He tweaked my diet and BANG I was hitting the workouts hard. I've lost to date 33 more pounds since February 29th. A total of 93 pounds.

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