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Randy Leonard

I am 26 and I've been wanting to do DDPYOGA for a long time. But I was never able to physically do it. ( at least that's what I thought). As of 10/26/15 I was at 477.2 pounds. I know that specifically because that's the first time I cried as I weighed in at my local truck stop because I was too heavy for a normal scale. Since 10/26/15 I have dropped 100 pounds. Even  though I have lost this much weight I don't feel as happy as someone one would . I don't like that at minus 100 I'm well over 350. My all around goal is 275 so I can say proudly I'm 200 down. With all these success stories I know your program will help me get to my goals. Only 2 days in and I already know I'm on the right track.
I am hoping that not only DDPYoga helps me get my goal, but even more importantly, I am hoping I don't hate what I see in the mirror. I am my own worst critic, but with DDPYoga, I will hopefully be my own inspiration, to keep pushing, until the goal of 275 is achieved.

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