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Lindsay Sheader

I was lucky enough as a teenager to eat whatever I wanted and I did very little exercise but never gained weight! All that changed when I became pregnant with my son!
I was very poorly throughout my pregnancy and I lost my appetite however, shortly after my son was born in 2010 my appetite returned with a vengeance and the weight began to pile on.
The relationship with my son's Father turned sour. He never respected me, rarely spent any time with us and was unfaithful so I lost all confidence. I lost my identity and began to see myself as just a Mum, as I rarely had any time for myself and rarely saw my friends so the weight issue just got worse. I was the heaviest I had ever been.

I attempted to lose weight many times, even taking part in a sponsored slim as motivation. I lost weight but it slowly returned due to the fact that I just had no will power and no belief in myself.

I heard about DDP Yoga from Scott Hall! I attended a meet and greet event in my home town of Bolton, England with Scott, Kevin Nash and X Pac in 2013.

Whilst getting my photo signed I asked Scott for a hug, as he hugged me I told him I was proud of him as he looked fantastic, his response was "Dallas knows what he's talking about" This comment stayed in the back of my mind for a long time but, I didn't look into participating as I thought I'd never be able to do it.

I saw Jake Roberts get inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame and he looked fantastic! A few months later I thought that it was about time that i looked into what DDP Yoga was all about. I took to YouTube and came across the video of Arthur and I was amazed!
I thought if he could do that, I had no excuse not to try it myself.

At the start of 2015, I received a bag full of wrestling DVDs from my partner's friend, after telling him that I was a huge fan. Included in the bundle was a DDP Yoga DVD. I put in on my shelf and thought "I'll definitely try that tomorrow"...but again, it was pushed to the back of my mind as I was working 40+ hours a week, then coming home to deal with my son and household responsibilities by myself, as my partner was very unsupportive and always out with his friends. I just couldn't do the workouts whilst looking after my son.

In August of 2015 my 7 and a half relationship with my son's Father ended as he left me for another woman. A week later, I lost my job due to budget cuts and my little boy was diagnosed with Autism. My confidence hit rock bottom and I gave up on myself once again, I felt like I'd failed at everything and I spiralled into depression.

Shortly afterwards I came across a post on Facebook, which again showed Arthur's progress and transformation. This made me think it's now or never!

I began eating healthily, visiting the gym and finally took the Yoga DVD off the shelf!

It was hard at first, very hard! Every part of me ached! But I knew it was time to take control and finally get the Lindsay that I used to be, back on track. The weight came off steadily, and I began to notice a drastic change in my body shape.

Back pain that I had been suffering with since the birth of my son steadily improved and although I'm no expert...I was able to do the workouts better each time.

The weight has now stayed off! My health is better, and my confidence has been given a huge boost. I really enjoy the workouts, I know that this is because of DDP. I'm a huge fan and I think this made exercising more interesting to me.

I was never the type of person to show off my progress because I'm not confident enough yet however, I took a picture and put it next to a photograph of myself at my heaviest, I couldn't believe the difference.
My mother told me to post the image as I should be proud so I did and I've had a great response.

I have now lost 52 pounds...There's 25 left to go and I know I can do it!

The Yoga has helped me lose weight, keep it off, and feel better than I have done in years! I'll be recommending this to everyone :)

Thank you for everything

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