I am a stay home mom of 3 (11,8,5). I have always struggle with my weight. Every year weighing more then the last.

I had my second child in June of 2007, I struggle to lose my baby weight, I had gained about 50 pounds with him. I had only lost about 20 or so when February 29, 2009 my life changed forever, my first husband was killed in a car crash, leaving me a 27 year old widow with a 3 year old and 9 month old. I lost about 15 pounds because I just couldn't eat.

Slowly as I pulled my life back together, the weight crept up again. I would try aerobics which I would have to stop because of my asthma, I paid for yoga, but could never really get into it. The weight slowly kept on coming. I never found a program I could stick with.

Then I met my second husband, who worked nights at a restaurant. So I would see him at night and he would always bring food with him.

June 2010 I had my third baby. I didn't gain much with him because I was already a little heavier weighing 160. Shortly after I had him, my health started to deteriorate. I could hardly use my hands, my joints started to bother me and all over body aches. After 4 years of frustration and gaining weight being at my heaviest at 182, they finally found out I had CRPS I my hands, lupus and fibromyalgia. I will always have pain but at least we could start to find treatment.

In December I saw an add for DDP yoga, a program perfect for people who had limited mobility. So I took a chance and ordered it, at the time I weighed 175 pounds.

I started on New Year's Eve, working the program 5-6 days a week and adjusting my eating habits. When I started it I had to do all the modifications but I was doing it and loving it! Each session things got easier and easier.

I just started my 13 week and today I weighed in at 149.8 pounds, I haven't seen that number in over 8 years! I have about 15 pounds left before I am at my goal weight of 134 (which is what I weighed when I got married the first time in 2002).

I am also hoping to get certified to become a DDP yoga instructor, but have to work out the funds - being single Income home funds are always right- I already do about an hour 5 days a week of it so I got that already going for me). I have family and friends who have ordered the program because of my progress. The closest certified instructor to me is in Chicago so I want to share the "wealth" and health that DDP Yoga has given me.

Thanks for listening and helping me get my life and health back!

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