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Alex Bedford

At 27, the only running I did was from my demons. Anxiety and an addictive nature are not great companions, let me tell you.

It was just another weekend for me, as per normal, I was the last man standing, drinking anything and everything in sight – see, I was off of my anxiety medication and I had been for nearly 2 years at that point, so I knew that the hangover would cause all kinds of problems for me – my solution, as ever, was to keep drinking and put it off.

I lost myself over a 2-year period and, as a result, I lost a lot of good things in my life.

I’d followed the work DDP had done with Jake and Scott and all the amazing progress they’d made – I watched, ‘The Resurrection of Jake the Snake’ and Jake said, “For an addict, a million drinks lined up are not enough, but one is too… many” – I finally got it.

It was time to take control or risk losing myself completely, I’d struggled a lot with my identity which, I now realize was because I lost my dad at 7; growing up without a male influence is tough when you’re trying to learn how to be a man.

Towards the end of May I decided to walk the road that Scott and Jake had, the journey of self-discovery, self-accountability and, of course, DDP Yoga.

In June I started taking my anxiety medication again.

Now, in July, I’m a new man.

I no longer drink alcohol, I follow a diet plan and I never miss my DDP Yoga sessions.

The great thing about DDP Yoga is you genuinely feel like you are part of something bigger than yourself.  When I hit play and DDP and the team start the session you feel like you are right there with them; on more than one occasion I’ve talked back to DDP when the session has been particularly hard! (Sorry about that!)

As someone who has tried many different training and weight loss programs, I have never experienced the success I have had now using DDPY. Doing it is not a chore, it’s honestly like hanging out with friends and that is what makes this unique; you can be home alone but as soon as you press play, the whole DDPY family is there. 

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