My story is a little different than many testimonies you've heard about DDPYOGA. For me, it was never about losing the weight, at least not at first. In the Fall of 2013 I herniated a disc in my back. I didn't realize it at first but the warning signs had been there for awhile. My back would hurt while driving and then my left leg would start going numb pretty regularly. I finally pushed it too far picking up a five foot, 100# propane tank. I had just recently married that year and my wife was already pregnant with out first daughter. I was scared to death of becoming a burden to my young family because the pain was unbearable. Just a sneeze felt like somebody turning a knife in my spine. To get out of bed in the morning I would have to slowly roll myself to the side and maneuver my feet into position before standing. When my daughter was born, I couldn't even pick her up. If my wife left me with her while she ran some errands, she would have to set her crib, swing, and other things up on the table because if she was on the floor, I just couldn't get her up.

     I finally went to the Doctor. He told me it looked like a back injury and that he would normally take an MRI, but I didn't have any insurance and couldn't afford it. He settled for an X-ray and it indeed revealed a herniation and spurs coming off the bone. He said that surgery would have been his suggestion, but again, I didn't have insurance and couldn't afford it. He then tried to medicate it with muscle relaxers and pain relievers. However, they would knock me out when I took them at midnight and leave me sleeping until noon. Even then, I would wake up and be groggy for the next six hours. I felt utterly useless and depression was setting in.

     As a last ditch effort, he suggested I go home and search youtube for some yoga videos designed to rehab a back. I found a couple, but the namaste aspect would drive me crazy! Then, I came across the Arthur video. For the first time in a long time I had hope! I spoke with my wife and we immediately ordered the MaxPack. At first it was so hard. When Dallas had us fall forward I would groan in agony and couldn't stand up without walking my hands back up my legs. At the end of the videos when he would have us "kick out", my feet just fell to the floor like a rock.

     I kept at it however, and slowly but surely I began to notice a difference. My back hurt less. I felt stronger. One day I bent down to put on my socks and shoes and was half way finished before I realized I wasn't hurting! Today, I am pain-free 90 % of the time and even the 10% that I hurt, it's a lot more bearable. At 42 years young I'm stronger than I've ever been in my life. I can hold poses now that I would have never believed two years ago. I can do psycho pushups, birds-of-paradise and many other moves. However, better than all of that, I can hold my own all day long playing with my two year old daughter and my one year old boy. They're going to have a strong daddy for a long time and I owe it all to DDPYOGA.

     There's only one thing left. Dallas says, you can't outtrain a bad diet and I'm living proof. Although I work out at least an hour everyday and often more, I've never lost weight. I look better because I stand straighter and I have replaced some weight with muscle. Still, I have about 50 lbs. to go. So I'm focusing on cleaning up my eating as my next challenge. There's always somewhere else you can take it!

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