I've always been big for some one who is so short , even as a kid. Every couple of years I'd get slim (for me ) and then slowly but surely I would balloon right back up to be bigger then  I started. 
I'm 5'5 and I haven't been under 200lbs for very long since I was 21 years old. While I've worked out over the years  I was never good at dieting  and I've never felt like an athlete. I played a few sports  In school and I've learned to lift weights but it always felt like a chore and it was never some thing I enjoyed and there for I never kept at it.
I was in a car accident in 2007 and I damaged some of the discs in my spine. I used that as an excuse to completely let my self  go. Physically, mentally and emotionally I fell apart.   After a rough few years I pulled things together, found a great job ( I supervise  and manage homes for  adults with developmental disabilities ) , I  married the most wonderful  women  on earth who encouraged , loved, and supported  me through my hard times ( and my whole adult life really ) and recently I've enrolled in a graduate school program to further my career.  So things have been going great except for my weight, my health, and my fitness level. Truth is  I didn't  have  any major changes in my life  that made me decide to jump in and start The DDPY process.  
But here's what happened : One morning back in May  I was sitting in a seminar  at work that was being put on by a PE  teacher / Coach from a local college about team work. What she was saying was interesting but I couldn't focus on anything  except how fat I had become and how poor my over all fitness level was.  I felt like absolute crap that day.
All morning  all I  could think  about  was how when I was in  college ( the same one the person speaking was from) I walked every where and I ate so much less.  ( drinking was another issue lol).  I just couldn't pay attention to what this nice women was trying to say because all I could focus  on was   how much thinner I was  back then ( it was a good period for me weight wise that ultimately wouldn't last ).   
While I had flirted with the Idea of trying DDPY prior too that day  I never pulled the trigger and instead I tried to diet ( I wouldn't follow it ) and going to the gym ( I accomplished little to nothing ).  In that chair on that day I had enough. Something just went off in my head. I knew DDP could help me if listened to him and followed his plan. 
I texted my wife in the middle of that long  seminar during a break  and asked her to order it  right away and she did.  It showed up two days later and we have been doing it together every day  since.  
I think  My wife and I both found comfort in each other's unhealthy habits before DDPY. We would justify our poor choices with the comfort that the other was making the same poor choice. Now we find comfort in working out together and we hold each other accountable to stay on track and to keep  going. I eat healthier now , I  try to walk 10,000 steps a day  , I try to drink more water  and I've tried to breathe in order to regulate my heart beat when I'm under stress at work.   All these things were inspired by DDP and his DDPY program. 
In the 13 weeks ( I just started intermediate and I'm so excited ! ) we've been doing DDPY I've had zero back pain , I've lost weight , my clothes fit  better  and I feel healthy again.  
DDP has taught me  through his yoga  and his inspirational personality that I don't have to be anything that I don't want to be and I don't want to be fat any more. I don't  have to be  out of shape.  I can be a brand new me.  
It's changed me so much , and I'm so grateful words can't express it properly
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