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Dylan Daubenspeck

I have been overweight since I was about 10 years old , I would eat and eat because I was bored , and because I enjoyed the taste of food! It got to the point where it was an addiction. I would drink at least 15 cans of soda a day , When I was 14 years old , I got an amazing opportunity to train at the Wild Samoan training center in Allentown Pennsylvania.  I weighed 225 lbs and at that weight its was hard. It was hard to run ropes and it was hard to do the workouts , I mean out of 300 squats I did about 125 , I barely was in the ring because of how overweight I was. I then left the Wild Samoan training center because I couldn't do anything with my weight , I then met this guy Jon Trosky, he owns the Sanctuary stunt studio in Hazleton Pennsylvania. My weight was 257 lbs when I started there , he would push me to my max level , and after training I would go home pop open a can of soda and eat McDonalds. It didn't sink into me at that moment that I needed to change. One day in the ring I was doing a move and I did something to my LCL I was out of the ring for about 5 months. All that time I wasn't in the ring all I would do was eat, august 2015 was my peak of my weight 280lbs , it was out of hand and I needed to change. Jon then introduced me to DDP yoga, and explained what it is and how it could help. It has helped me so much with breathing with weight loss , the results are just amazing , My current weight 6/28/2016 - 216lbs , My goal weight 190lbs, I will not stop until I hit my goal .......

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