I saw the Arthur video, Eric Video and a few others and was totally amazed!  I was already well on my way to a better fit life before seeing the videos but didn't look further into it until I started having major issues with my knees.  I have Stage 4 osteoarthritis (35 years old and ave the knees of a 70 ear old) in my knees.  After years of volleyball and softball (I was a catcher) and then gaining 100+ pounds on top of all that, my knees were destroyed.  I had bilateral knee scopes to fix several meniscus tears and scrape the arthritis from the soft tissue and I needed a program that was less impact but would still help me get fit and buff.  After the suggestion of my Ortho Dr., seeing those videos, I decided to purchase DDP Yoga.

I started by changing the old me into the new me buy portioning my food (just like the DDP food guide) using containers and measuring out my food.  I did 30 minutes of exercise in my workout room, at home, 6 days a week.  I stayed focused and repeated in my head: pick your hard, losing weight is a journey, change your mind, change your body, be better than your excuses.  I had accountability partners, especially my best friend, Kathy, who also took the journey with me.  She lost 85 pounds and I lost 117 pounds in 1 year.  Having that "community" to cheer you on is priceless!  It's not easy but if you put in the time, you will reap the rewards of success.


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