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Ray Chace

My name is Ray Chace I am 31 years old from Baltimore, Maryland.
I am a retired independent pro wrestler and used to be a co host of a local TV Show.

When I started in the wrestling business I was 240 lbs when I stopped 2 years ago I made it up to 270. Next thing I know I was pushing 300 lbs. I never really was a big gym guy and I had a hard time sticking to a diet or workout routine. Surprisingly enough i liked cardio more so but not enough to fully stick to it.

I wasn't really sure what to do. Myself & my wife made a pact to get into the best shape of our lives for our wedding. But how? She had suggested yoga. And like most guys I was like I'm not doing yoga. She asked what if I get you DDP YOGA for Christmas? I was still a skeptic but I had heard and seen amazing stories online. Seeing the amazing success that Arthur have had. Also seeing how he helped a guy that I had the pleasure of being in the ring with Jake The Snake Roberts. At that point I felt determined.

It was rough when we started but we got better as it went along. I was a very agile guy as it was. We started the last week of December. By opening day for baseball on April I was at 255. I also directly kept to my diet & started walking almost daily. DDP Yoga to me was a motivator. By September I had lost 70 lbs and was 230 and achieved my goal for the wedding. My wife had lost 25. I was in better shape than I ever was in pro wrestling.

After going to an all inclusive resort on Mexico I knew I had to come back and hit it hard. Then the worst moment of my life had happened. My dad who was sick with various health issues for 2 years had passed away on October 14th 2016. I really fell off the wagon & lost track of everything. It took me a while mentally to get over that. I had gained 30 of the 70 back. My New Years resolution was to get back to 230 or better by Orioles opening day on April 3rd.
I'm already 16 lbs away from being back to 230. I know I can do it and never get back up.

If you want something bad enough you can achieve it. DDP Yoga helped me become better physically & mentally.


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