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Greg Larson

Most who’ve known me since childhood know I’ve struggled with my weight. That’s a story for another time.Last June, my family and I went to Michigan for vacation. In the back of my mind, I went to say goodbye to family and friends, and my birth place. I felt I was dying because of so much pain. This was my last trip home. At 44, this was it; I couldn’t continue living like this anymore. I weighed 310 pounds yet again. Tired, in pain, couldn’t bend over, out of breath, I was done. I wanted the pain to end. I couldn’t see my feet, I was always uncomfortable, and constantly agitated. I really did feel that death was my only release. I was ready to die; had it planned for when my wife and girls visiting friends because I knew it would buy time. Suddenly, as I scroll through my social media feed, nothing new, I had seen Arthur’s story before, several times actually. There it was again. For no real reason, so I thought, I clicked on it again. I sat up a little. Then Eric Thacker... then another, Stacey and another.. Jared. I watched Chris Jericho, Jake the Snake and Razor Ramon (I’ll always call him that). I began to cry. Not sorry for myself, I felt a slight warm light and chance; hope! Many know me as “G TheJesusFreak,” but this AHA moment was orchestrated by none other. I felt different than any other time I watched these videos. Something was mentioned about DDPYoga app. I downloaded it. My wife watched as I did the sampler on the app before bed. I stayed close to the bed in case I fell or passed out. I didn’t, I actually surprised the hell out of myself. “Ask and ye shall receive,” so I asked if I could get the dvds. My wife said, “certainly, and we’ll do it together.” On July 7, 2018 when arriving home from vacation the MaxPack was waiting for me. Where I thought I might be making final arrangements for myself, I opened the mailbox to a chance at a better future. The first 2 weeks were nothing less than HELL by way of Diamond Dallas Page telling me I can do this and make it my own. I knew I couldn’t quit this time. It wasn’t an option.

It’s been 9 months and I haven’t even glanced back at what could have been. Now, in this moment, I am here at almost 100 pounds lighter, hitting a new year in a new gear, without fear, letting God steer, and an occasional smoothie.
Recently, a good friend asked me what I plan to do with my new life. I looked at him with tears in my eyes and replied, “Everything!”
I may never meet the men and women who helped save my life, but I am forever grateful to Mr. Diamond Dallas Page and the DDPYoga family for the support and love.

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