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Kim Smith

Name: Kim Smith

Hometown: Powder Springs, Georiga

Starting Weight: 240 lbs

Age: 51

Health Conditions: back pain, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, patellar tendonitis, driver's knee, and cervical problems

Started DDPY:
January 2016

Done DDPY For: 14 months

Weight Lost:
50 lbs

Eliminated tendonitis, eliminated back pain, eliminated plantar fasciitis, eliminated driver's knee


I started DDPY in January of 2016 and I was 240 lbs. The scale was something I avoided. I was employed with the Board of Education as a substitute Teacher and a School Bus Driver. I had recently retired in Feb. 2016 after 15 1/2 years of dedicated service. My retirement came to fruition as a result of occupational health-related issues. I suffered from Thoracic and lumbar back pain. In my right foot, I had Achilles tendonitis, patellar tendonitis, and plantar fasciitis. I also had a strained meniscus in my right knee - (aka in my profession as drivers knee). On top of all that, I also had cervical health issues (C1- C2) for which I have been seeing my Chiropractor for 15 years. I also acquired asthma from the toxic exhaust fumes from the diesel engine. It's pretty clear that my occupation was taking it's toll on my health.

I was physically miserable every day. I had to ice my swollen knee and my Achilles tendon every day when I got off of my school bus. In the morning I couldn't put my feet on the floor without shooting pains. My Achilles tendon in my right foot was barely intact. I was so consumed with my chronic pain every day that it had taken it's toll on me mentally. I found myself struggling with depression. My weight had gotten out of control due to lack of physical activity and my INactivity was a result of chronic pain.

I felt stuck and trapped in a vicious cycle that was keeping me sick and tired. I'd attempt to exercise and I'd either aggravate my pain or I'd injure myself further, and I'd be immobilized again. I'd lost HOPE!

One morning my husband and I saw an interview with Dallas on our local new's channel announcing the opening of the DDPY Performance Center in Smyrna, about 20 miles from where we live. We drove to the PC and took a couple of classes. I loved it! I purchased the DVD's and we started doing it at home. I cried through the first workouts because of the pain in my right foot and right knee. With limited mobility and pain and weakness, I modified a lot. I quickly realized that DDPY was a program that I could do despite my bodies limitations.

In Feb. 2016 I retired. I knew I could not continue to drive if I wanted to get healthy and change my life! The bus caused me setbacks ,every time I would make any progress. I decided to OWN MY LIFE and put my physical health first. My husband supported my decision and became my biggest supporter. We are inseparable best friends and we were excited to find a program we could do together.

In March of 2016, we participated in a LIVE workout (it's on the DDPNow app) with Dallas! What a RUSH !! We even met Dallas and Brenda afterward and they truly are amazingly genuine good people! It was a memorable moment meeting them both and an amazing experience being a part of the workout that day. We left the DDPY PC motivated beyond words.

It's not just the workouts in this program that change your life. It's the "inner dialogue" the conversations you have with yourself that change your perspective on life. It's hearing Dallas' voice in your head saying "Live life 90%" - Life is 10% what happens in life and 90% how you react to what happens. It's the saying "If you say you can OR you say you can't - YOUR RIGHT". WE had NO idea the impact those words would have in our life ....YET .

One month after meeting Dallas and Brenda those phrases became words that we lived by. On April 21st my husband Bill collapsed on our bathroom floor. Our life as we knew it STOPPED! We rushed to the ER and were told Bill had suffered a perforated colon that nearly took his life. He spent the next month battling sepsis and struggling to regain his health and strength. This was a life-changing event for us. We began living life 90%. We refused to accept his doctor's prognosis and completely changed everything we were doing from that day forward.

We changed the food we were eating. We began eating organic, non-GMO, cow-dairy free, gluten free, soy free. Basically, anything that causes inflamation in the body was eliminated from our diet. We changed our perspective on life and for the next 5 months and 21 days "We Can" was the way we faced EVERY day.

In this program I have lost 50 lbs. I have more I'd like to lose. I'm still a work in progress but it's not the weight that I've lost that's important, yeah that's great but what I've gained means so much more! I've gotten my life back! I don't suffer from ANY foot pain, knee pain or back pain anymore! I have only had 2 cervical adjustments in 15 months! I'm stronger, healthier and more flexible than I've ever been in my life! I'm 51 and FIT! I'm working on my DDPY certification. I'm living pain-free and I'm "owning my life." I love this program and I want to be an instructor so I can help others own their lives too !! Thank you DDP and Yoga Doc for creating this program and helping me to own my life! BANG !

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