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Jim Sceurman

I have been working as a land surveyor for the past 5 years, My knees have progressively gotten worse since starting this job. I do a lot of walking in this job.By the end of the day the pain at times has been a lot to handle. I still have been able to go to the gym and do what ever workouts I could to stay in shape.But I haven't had a passion to get back in good shape again.So about a year ago I had seen my doctor to speak with her about what I could do to get on track. She had given me diets to try and told me that if I didn't change my lifestyle I would be a diabetic soon. At the end of this past January I had made another appointment to try and get healthy and stick to it. One week prior I decided to try the DDP Program.


I have heard advertisements each week listening to Steve Austin's podcast about how Dallas has changed peoples lives. The results of my blood test in January showed my A1C as high risk Diabetic levels, My triglyceride numbers were at 459 and my weight was at 240. These were a few of the numbers. I explained to my doctor that I have decided to try something new and I was going to do Yoga. I promised the next visit I would be in much better shape. Since that doctors visit I used the Beginner program, purchased a Heart rate monitor and add workouts each week. My flexibility has increased each week since starting.My pain level is way down, and at the end of a 10 hour work day not only am I pain free, I try and get at least 30 minutes of yoga. I am now on week 13 and at the end of this week I will be moving on to the next program.


My doctors appointment was yesterday, 90 days since the last appointment. My doctor was very impressed when I got on the scale and lost 20 pounds. My A1C was down and that my Triglycerides had dropped 300 points. She again asked what was the change, my answer to her and anyone who asks is DDP Yoga, I tell them to take a look. watch some videos and give it a try. The Yoga has helped my overall health, and the videos on the site have made me want to eat better, work harder and be a more positive person. My goal weight is now 210 pounds for my next appointment at the doctors office. and my next goal is to finish the Intermediate program .Thank you for everything!

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