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William Brown

I wanted to send you a note to thank you from me and my wife because of you and some of your friends i've changed and you've saved my life.In April last year I went to the doctor and they made me stand on the scale I looked at the number and what it said and on the inside I started to wail. For 3 days 288 was all I could think of I was sad, embarrassed and started to cry I knew I had to change my lifestyle, because the only alternative was to die.I have a 2 year old grandson and I wanted to watch him grow there was no way I would at that weight that fact was easy to know.I looked for some help to get started and I found Arthur and saw what he could do so I watch his video daily on YouTube and said I can do that too.

I started by tracking my food intake and daily would go on a walk I would watch Arthur for inspiration and get motivation from a DDP talk. For 2 months I followed this schedule lost twenty pounds and my belief soared, but there had to more to DDPYOGA then Arthur trying to ride a surfboard. About then I found the tale of Christina and the reason she started taught me you don't do it only for yourself you do it for your whole family.Took a risk and bought the two disk program ask my daughter which start level do I dare she said you must start at beginner beginner you can't get up from the floor without a chair

I lost 10 more pounds at that level and each day I was getting more strong, but it was after completing week eight that's when the light really came on DDPYOGA is not all about weight loss Although that part is truly grand where DDPYOGA has changed my life is I can now do a one legged stand. I was so out of shape when I started it was all I could do just to stand I still cannot do a roundhouse, but for the future it is in the plan. It is time to wrap up this story, but something I want you to know today the scales read 221, but I still have a few pounds to go, so every day I'll watch Arthur and Christina and hear you explain how to own your life, and keep hitting the mat every day, and be around for a few years with my wife. I was going to stop this note at this point thought at the time it was quite long, but in hindsight I needed to say more.If I didn't it just would be wrong, because along with Arthur and Christina I have to thank Amy and Matt C.Every day I watch them on YouTube.Their story also helps me, so now you know my story, and the people I need to see every day to help keep me on this journey.

Thank you all for showing me the way.I have a brother who lives in Snellville. I believe that is near the PC some day I may visit my brother and stop by to see who I see.

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