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Audrey Lee

Hey guys! It’s me Audrey! I’m 24 years old, a lifelong wrestling fan, music enthusiast, and I love DDP YOGA and everything it has done for me in fitness and in life. This is my story:


I first heard about DDP YOGA in 2012. I had left college and gone back twice, and my life lacked direction. I was going through a bout of depression that had gripped me since 2009. I was chronically sick, in pain, and had a pinched disc in my lower back that kept me from exercising. I also had a pilonidal cyst on my tailbone which made it uncomfortable to sit! I was anemic, going in every couple weeks for vitamin B injections, the whole bit. I was a mess. It was a can't win situation! On top of that, my depression had started a new problem, overeating.


When I say overeating, I mean it. It wasn’t pretty! I ate enough for probably 5 people in one sitting two or three times a day! That being said, I gained 40 lbs. I consider that pretty miraculous considering how bad the overeating was, and I'd done it for 3 years. It was never my nature to gain weight, I'd always been thin growing up but never in shape. Running a couple yards wore me out, and that was getting worse with my weight.


To the people I knew, I denied my weight. But I personally did notice it, and I tried little things here and there to get the weight off, but I didn’t stick with anything in particular. My back hurt too bad most of the time, and that was when my mom messaged me on Facebook and asked if I’d heard of Diamond Dallas Page. She knew I was a wrestling fan so that’s why she asked. I said “Yeah, he was in WCW. What’s he up to now?” She said she’d seen a video of him helping a disabled veteran walk again and lose 140 lbs. She was referring, of course, to the Arthur video. That day things started happening! I made a goal and a decision, but at the time it wasn’t about fitness. I knew I had to get myself right mentally before I tackled my weight. So I set a goal to finish my Bachelor’s degree in one year, overcome my depression and be a better friend, daughter, sister, and overall human being than I was currently being. Sure enough, I finished two years worth of college credits in one year, and I worked my ass off at overcoming my depression on my own terms. It wasn’t easy, but I’d been reminded that anything is possible by that Arthur video. I had known that before, depression had just made me forget it for a little while.


When I graduated I entered another depression. It felt like my life had no direction once again. I’d worked so hard to finish what I started with college, and I had the degree, but I’d lost all my friends I’d worked hard to be a better friend to! I went to college in Indiana and after graduation I moved back to California where I was born and raised, so it was quite a move away from everyone. Job searching became my job. When nothing was coming my way, I figured then was as good a time as any to start tackling my weight. With nothing else to do, I ordered my DDP YOGA Max Pack. That was in June 2013. I started right away. 


By 2014, I’d lost 32 lbs, and dropped from a size 12 to a 6. Depression became a thing of a past for me too… I’m a better me now than I ever was before! I’ve learned through that succession of making and accomplishing goals, that I can keep going and moving forward in all aspects of life, not just weight loss. When it came to eating, first thing I did was control my portions. Then I implemented the gluten and dairy free side of the meal plan. As of 2015, I am still maintaining my weight, eating clean/gluten/dairy free when I can. I have a part-time job as a music teacher, and I’m about to finish my DDP YOGA Certification. So needless to say, the workouts have become my life! They are how I stay in shape, energized and pain/depression free! It’s my injection of positive energy in life… and my goal and dream is to share that same message with others asa DDP YOGA Instructor. This year, I’ve also accomplished a lifelong dream and saved up my money and finally made it to WrestleMania. How cool is that? I can honestly say that without DDP YOGA and first seeing that Arthur video, I don’t know where my life would be. It just leaves me wondering how much more I can do, and how much ANYBODY can do with this kind of inspiration!


I’d like to thank my other inspirations for their massive support on my DDP YOGA journey. First and foremost, my parents for their ongoing support and love throughout this entire journey. Even now as I work toward building a career. I love you more than words can express. I’d like to thank my brother, my ongoing inspiration in life. Thank you to the rest of my very close-knit family, and to my dearest friends, you know who you are! Thank you for believing in me, and loving me even when it was difficult to do so. Thank you to everyone back at Holy Cross College, professors, mentors and friends alike. They believed in my strength all along—even before I believed it for myself. My arms are always open to all of you, and I hope I can give some of that love back in the form of DDP YOGA training!


And of course, a huge thank you to Arthur Boorman, without whose video I may not have believed I could take part in this life-changing program. Last but not least, thank you Diamond Dallas Page. Thank you Dr. Craig Aaron the Yoga-Doc, Stacey Morris, and to everyone at Team DDP YOGA and in the DDP YOGA Facebook groups. Not just for what you’ve done for me, but for what you’ve done for each other. Nothing motivates me more than seeing how awesome all of you are! And DDP, You have my respect and admiration for so many reasons. I can’t wait to spread the amazingness that is DDP YOGA with the world! All things are possible! BANG!!!

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