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Travis Roberts



Three years ago, my job moved my family & I to a new city.  With long hours behind the desk, eating whatever I could snarf down at the time and little time to do anything else, my weight got out of control.  I got up to 260lbs, which is a lot for someone with a family of heart issues.  


In August, I started trying to change my diet slowly, adding in vegetables more often and the times I was eating. I also got my 11 year-old into a JuJutsu/Karate Dojo and starting training with him.  However, being 3 years off of regular training, I was nowhere close to where I was. I especially felt it in my knees & back, along with all the wind I was sucking at 245.


Enter DDP YOGA.  I knew DDP had YRG back in the '90s, but never took a serious look at it.  Then I heard him talk on Rod Pod about it.  He talked about Arthur's Transformation and bring Jake "The Snake" Roberts into his home to give him a hand up.  At that point, DDP YOGA just made sense.  I ordered it, worked on the Diamond Dozen bits at a time, feeling things out.  


43 Days ago. something flipped the switch in my head.  I started doing Wake Up & Energy in the morning.  I also started Phase 2, but saying that I wouldn't be hard core because of the Holidays.  Turns out, it was easier than I thought. Eventually, I adding doing an Evening Work-Out when I wasn't at the Dojo with my son.


As Dallas likes to say, I'm still "Under Construction", but I'm 23lbs down, 2 pant sizes and on a roll.  My goal is getting down to 180lbs, which is lighter than I was 15 years ago.


The Long & Short of it, I plan on taking DDP YOGA every day and not just Owning My Life, but Owning This Day, every day!


Travis "Trav" Roberts


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