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Drew Gower

Name: Drew Gower

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Starting Weight: 390 lbs

Age: 33

Started DDPY:
February 2016

Timeframe: 16 months

Weight Lost:
186 lbs

On April 4, 2016 I woke up and decided to take my life back. While I have so many things in my life to be thankful for, including my loving wife and two beautiful children, I found myself at 390 lbs. I stumbled upon DDP YOGA and decided that within myself that if there was a chance of this working, I was going to dedicate my life to getting healthy for myself and my family. I have since lost 180 lbs and I am smaller than I have been in the last 10 years. When I started this journey, I started a movement called #NoDaysOff. It is a movement created to inspire others who are fighting for what matters in their life. Whether it may be weight loss, following your dreams, or reaching success, may we all have this attitude to go after life with #NoDaysOff. Thank you for your continued encouragement, your motivation, and your inspiration to create DDP YOGA. DDP YOGA Has truly saved my life. Be encouraged, be an encouragement! 


How did you learn about DDP YOGA?

I watched DDP growing up and was a huge fan through his WCW days. I learned of DDP YOGA through a friend of mine who had lost about a hundred pounds in a year.


What was your biggest challenge starting the DDPY program?

The most challenging part of getting into DDP YOGA was just doing it. I was almost 400 pounds when I started, that was 16 months ago. Today I weigh 208. DDP YOGA and hard work definitely pay off


How did you stay motivated throughout your journey?

I wouldn’t really call it motivation, it’s more of an obsession at this point. Motivation comes and goes. Passion, commitment, determination, those will sustain you long after motivation.


What do you like best about the DDPY program?

My favorite part of DDP YOGA is that anyone can do it. Also, Dallas is wholeheartedly invested in his program and in people. He wants the best for you. I’m beyond thankful for DDP YOGA and the change I have made in my life by using it.


Learn more about Drew Gower and #NoDaysOff at

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