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Troy Babbs


Name: Troy Babbs

Hometown: Champaign, Illinois

Starting Weight: 337 lbs

Started DDPY: June 2016

Timeframe: 20 Months

Weight Lost: 126 lbs

In January 2016, I started my weight loss program and added DDP YOGA to the mix in June 2016. I had success before in 2014 but fell off the wagon with both. I recommitted to a fit lifestyle and was determined to make it stick. I started at 337 pounds and a 54" waist. Now I'm at 211 (as of September 29th, 2017) and a 36" waist.

I've overcome a lot to make that happen. This is my journey. I'm committed to staying the course. If this video helps ONE person realize their potential and live a committed fitness lifestyle, it's all worth it!! DDP Yoga is DEFINITELY an important part of my journey and it can be an important part of yours too!!!

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